Choose Image for Your Next Renovation

  • Established in 2001, Experienced and Reliable. 

  • Image delivers On-Time, On-Budget, with Quality 

  • Unless you ask for the scope of work to change, we provide a firm price 

  • We calculate the project price with a complex tool developed over 10 years – the price is accurate and fair
    No Guesswork – No Going in LOW and upping the price as the project proceeds!

  • For home remodel projects we use an App to create your CUSTOM  “Statement of Work” for each room of your project. This is processed ON-SITE during the site survey meeting. You will be asked all necessary and pertinent questions to develop an accurate and detailed Project “Statement of Work

  • You will receive an e mail with the “Statement of Work” for each area before we leave your house!

  • Estimates are processed normally within 1 to 2 days after the site survey depending on complexity of the work.

  • We may not be the lowest price – BUT our Price Is accurate and we deliver what we promise.

  • You have the option to choose fixtures & fittings at the budget of your choice or you can provide them.

  • All staff are covered by WSIB and we are fully insured.

  • We DO NOT offer CASH JOBS! The invoice will include all applicable taxes.

  • Payment Terms: 30% with order, 30% at agreed completion of stage 1, 30% at agreed completion of stage 2 and 10% balance upon completion of the project.

  • If you ask for the Statement of Work to change, we will provide you with the cost and ask for your acceptance prior to proceeding. No Surprises.